Neck Lift Surgery

This surgery removes loose neck skin and wrinkles.

How is the surgery performed?

Neck Lift surgery is performed through incisions under chin or if necessary in front of ear or behind ear and neck skin is separated from below tissues. The skin is lifted to the maximum and loose skin is removed. During neck lift surgery, neck and chin liposuction may also be performed.

Is hospitalization required?

If solely neck lift surgery is performed there will be no need for hospitalization. If additional operations such as facelift is performed during neck lift surgery, generally 1 day of hospitalization becomes necessary.

How many hours does the surgery take?

If it is just neck lift surgery it takes approximately 1 hours but if additional operations are performed it takes more time.

Does the surgery leave scar?

Depending on the place of incisions it will leave scar under chin and around ear. The scar under chin is not visible and scars around ear will disappear in time as the skin color turns back to normal.

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